Study Structure


As with any project where you are undertaking a mass data extraction you would do so in a organised manner. In the case of the Orlando One Name Study there have been occasions where I have extracted data in a random fashion, simply because the opportunity has presented itself.

Had the surname been an British based one, it would have been set up differently, with the tabs above centred around the UK with an emphasis on records from across the globe added gradually, however, Orlando is an Italian name and almost from the beginning overseas data extraction happened rather than being a gradual process.

With this in mind the study is laid out in Country and data set structure, with various sub data sets if applicable.

How the Study is Kept

The study is kept in a mix of on-line options such as spreadsheets and documents along with some paper copies.  Going forward the plan is to put on-line all the material held in the Orlando One Name Study.

United Kingdom

The term United Kingdom refers to the Countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the terms of genealogical material the regions are broken down to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, BUT it is worth remembering that pre 1922 Ireland was one Country.


There will be no material on-line referencing living people, unless that material is already on-line and/or in the public domain.